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February 7, 2022

5 Secrets to Real Estate Virtual Showings


Tim Clarke

5 Secrets to Real Estate Virtual Showings

Because of the pandemic, we’ve all been conditioned to avoid in-person contact in today's world.

As a good Realtor, in an effort to continue offering excellent service,  introducing virtual showings to the buying experience is vital.

In a fast paced-competitive market in which  listings are selling within days or even hours, it can be very difficult to identify a prospective home and visualize enough information to write a competitive offer.

What is a virtual showing? A showing allows you to view the listing when you are unavailable to physically visit the property before making an offer.

Virtual tours also work well for buyers that are out of the area but would like to make an offer. 

The convenience of virtual tours can be in some ways better than in-person walkthrough tours.

This is definitely the future of home buying. 

Wondering how to do a virtual showing for real estate? If you and your agent are both iPhone users, then FaceTime is a simple way to connect.

If you or your agent has an Android, you can use WhatsApp, Discord and Facebook or Instagram messenger could also suffice. Google also has a video chat interface called “Duo” that is baked into all Android phones.

Your agent can schedule the showing, attend the showing and video chat with you while being there. 

Here’s how to get the most out of a virtual tour to help make a solid decision

Record live. Video chat is best. 

Even though there is more flexibility with pre-recording, recording live gives a real time view of the property. 

Just as you would expect from an open house, your agent should view all possible angles, features and defects of the house and lot. 

Ask detailed questions and discuss everything being shown. 

The benefit of a live virtual tour is that its interactive. There is no such thing as a dumb question when buying real estate, especially during showings. 

Stay engaged and get clarification. Asking your agent to scan from each room and zoom into areas. Ask your agent to scan each room and view from floor to ceiling. 

Take Your Time

A virtual tour can typically go faster than in person home showings. 

Still, you want to take as much time as you need, since setting up a second tour might be a hassle. Block off about 90 minutes to explore a single-family home, even though you might take only an hour.

Save video if necessary

Most video chats don’t have saving capabilities.

Consult with your agent to determine which video chat application will allow for viewing at a later time so you’ll know what to do before making an offer on a house.

Some applications have paywalls or subscription requirements.

If this is the case and if your agent isn’t subscribed to a video chat service that allows for file saving, your agent should record an additional walkthrough of the home and lot after your video chat.

Be sure to ask your agent to send you the video so you can review and process. A second look at the video could potentially help you identify  things you didn't notice before. Remind your agent early so the file isn’t deleted by accident.

Take the opportunity to view other available homes in that neighborhood

During showings, it is likely to run into other listings on the same street that you may find enticing.

Regardless of the difference in list price, house size, lot size, or quality, you should compare it to the home you were initially interested in anyway. 

If none of the other peak your interest, at least you can rest assured that you’ve did your research and you’ll feel more comfortable moving forward. 

The tech world has evolved exponentially over the past couple years.

Often times, we aren’t accessible when an opportunity arises.

Lack of accessibility hurts a chance for a buyer to compete in a competitive market.

It is also wise to encourage your agent to incorporate virtual tours as an included service for their buyers. 

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