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February 7, 2022

How COVID-19 Has Created New Standards For Buyers


Dee Dawkins

How COVID-19 Has Created New Standards For Buyers

Almost overnight, our world changed completely due to the impact of COVID-19. Since then, every element of our lives has been altered, including the real estate industry.

Over the last nine months, adults considering buying a house have identified new lifestyle needs as a result of working remotely.

Remote working is drastically changing homebuyer needs across the country, which means those selling and buying a house must accommodate these new necessities.

Here are just a few things buyers are looking for to help better accommodate their work from home lifestyle. 

Expanded Search Area

With no office to commute to, professionals buying a house are interested in exploring a wider search area.

Previously, reports stated that many professionals lived within a 30-minute one-way trip to their workplace. Now, they can live much farther away, which encourages them to seek out areas outside of major metropolitan areas. 

Office Space Required

Working from home is not as simple as it sounds.

Many professionals require a bare minimum set up, including a sturdy workspace, privacy, and ergonomic home office equipment.

When working from a home that features other adults and children, these professionals will likely seek out dedicated office space when buying a house.

It should come as no surprise that the majority of homeowners polled say that they want a home with an office or multipurpose space that can be easily converted into a sufficient workspace. 

Wider At-Home Lifestyle Requirements

Unless the individual lives alone, a professional working from home will also need to consider the lifestyle needs of their family while working from home.

They may need a separate office space for their spouse and an area where their children can engage in remote learning.

Because they're working and living in the same space, they may also desire additional amenities or features that make their homes more comfortable for relaxation, such as swimming pools, game rooms, exercise areas, or outdoor living spaces.

Long-Term Living

Although people may be interested in buying a house now, they may be looking at this move as a long-term decision.

Because they can work from home, they can move to the area they desire and won't have to worry about relocating if their role or company undergoes changes.

This may also encourage those buying a house to consider higher-priced homes that include features or amenities that meet their diverse needs.

There's no telling what our post-COVID world will look like, but one thing is for sure: those buying a house are seeking out specific features.

Not only do their homes need to accommodate remote working, but they're also interested in buying a house that caters to their family's at-home lifestyle needs for the long-term.

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