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December 29, 2023

Premier builder BOLD Construction crafts exquisite custom homes in Raleigh-Durham's finest neighborhoods with unmatched quality and service.

Founded on the vision of constructing dream homes that stand as a testament to meticulous design and artisanal craftsmanship, BOLD Construction has been transforming the Chapel Hill, Durham, and Chatham locales for over two decades.

As an epitome of quality and grandeur, this builder prides itself on a simple yet effective approach: A Simple Process, Superior Design, Quality Materials, and Outstanding Craftsmanship.

The homes designed and built by BOLD are unique cocoons of comfort and elegance, melding modern sensibilities with timeless architecture.

A Legacy of Excellence and Client Confidence

Testimonials streaming from BOLD Construction's clients resonate with satisfaction and deep appreciation.

These endorsements typically highlight the impeccable attention to detail, reliable fixed pricing, and unwavering 100% satisfaction guarantee that BOLD delivers consistently.

The builder's acclaim extends to prestigious awards and frequent media features, accentuating a reputation forged in quality and customer trust.

BOLD's unique selling proposition is elevated by its commitment to locked-in pricing and a personalized, communicative journey from blueprint to building.


My expertise and extensive experience in luxury real estate have afforded me the opportunity to witness first-hand the quality and craftsmanship of BOLD's custom-built homes.

  • Governors Club in Chapel Hill: This neighborhood epitomizes luxury living amidst the beauty of Chapel Hill. BOLD Construction's legacy here is evident through their exquisite custom homes, which range from $600,000 to multi-million dollar estates. Governors Club is a testament to BOLD's commitment to superior design, quality materials, and outstanding craftsmanship, ensuring each home is not only a masterpiece but also a solid investment for the future.
  • Maida Vale in Durham: BOLD Construction's work in Maida Vale reflects a harmonious blend of classic elegance and modern sophistication. Drawing inspiration from the charm of Italian villages, the homes in Maida Vale offer a unique ambiance that is both warm and inviting. BOLD's attention to architectural detail and their use of high-quality materials have resulted in residences that provide an upscale lifestyle with a touch of old-world allure.

Artistry in Design Paired with Boundless Customization

BOLD Construction showcases a gallery of home styles that are both striking in diversity and uniform in refinement.

The portfolio includes residences ranging from modest 2,500 to expansive 7,500 square feet sanctuaries, with values spanning from $750,000 to the multi-million dollar bracket.

Embarking on a design-build endeavor, the builder encourages client collaboration, ensuring that the resulting design is both cost-effective and a mirror to the buyer's dreams.

The standard of personalization is high, with BOLD inviting you to bring your own plans or opt for one of their curated designs.

Construction Process

A core element of BOLD's ethos involves carving out an experience defined by precision and innovation.

By limiting the number of projects annually, the team devotes singular attention to each home, ensuring that deadlines, quality, and budget align perfectly with client expectations.

Your Dream Locale with BOLD Construction

Offering grandeur across the Triangle area including vibrant communities like Governors Club, Gallant Reserve, and Maida Vale, BOLD constructs luxury homes in settings that promise desirability and exclusivity.

Budgeting for these masterpieces initiates at the $1 million mark, with comprehensive financing and budget guidance at your disposal to make homeownership a seamless reality.

Maximizing Value and Embracing Sophistication

BOLD is transparent in its focus on quality materials, evident through their detailed construction process. The digital showcase of finishes and designs contributes to a guided decision-making process that reflects your style aspirations.

The strategic locations of BOLD’s homes promise significant resale value, while the integration of modern technology and indoor environmental quality standards further bolster your home as a premier investment.


To align yourself with a constructor that epitomizes trust and expertise, BOLD Construction stands as a paragon in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle.

With 17 years of real estate insight in this area, I advise clients to cherish the transparency and fixed pricing model that BOLD offers—it's a financial safeguard during the construction journey.

Engage deeply in the design phase, voice your preferences, and let the BOLD team guide you—this will not only save costs but also ensure your home reflects your identity.

Above all, appreciate that your investment is nested in a community renowned for its quality of life and thriving opportunities.

Embrace this collaboration, and be bold in building not just a house, but a home ripened with sophistication and a story to tell.

Tim M. Clarke

About the author

17 years as a Realtor in the Research Triangle, Tim seeks to transform the Raleigh-Durham real estate scene through a progressive, people-centered approach prioritizing trust & transparency.

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