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January 16, 2024

Concept 8 builds modern dream homes in the Triangle, specializing in quality craftsmanship and customization through a collaborative and innovative process

Concept 8 has been a beacon of innovation and design in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle market for over 20 years.

While the founder's name isn't explicitly mentioned, the company prides itself on a collective experience that spans decades, emphasizing a team-driven approach to building dream homes.

Overview of Specialization

Concept 8 stands out as a full-service residential development company, specializing in modern style designs that push the boundaries of customization and functionality.

Their commitment to creating dream homes is evident through their tailored process, ensuring each project is a collaborative effort between the builder and the homeowner.

Home Styles, Quality, Customization

Concept 8 is synonymous with quality craftsmanship, gorgeous designs, and an unparalleled level of customization.

They offer modern style homes that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, catering to the unique needs and visions of their clients.


Notable Communities

In the Raleigh-Durham Triangle market, the impactful work of Concept 8 has been instrumental in shaping several desirable neighborhoods.

As an experienced real estate agent in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle market, I've had the privilege of showcasing homes built by the talented team at Concept 8.

Their work can be seen across several beautiful neighborhoods, adding to the unique character of each community.

Bellevue Terrace, Raleigh

  • Concept 8's homes stand as a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. They've created residences that harmonize with the peaceful, suburban setting, offering a tranquil retreat within the city.

Budleigh, Raleigh

  • Concept 8's homes blend seamlessly into the tree-lined streets. Their designs reflect a strong sense of community and a perfect balance of modern living with natural beauty.

Sunset Hills, Raleigh

  • Sunset Hills features some stunning homes built by Concept 8. These residences offer a unique blend of modern design and classic charm, demonstrating the builder's ability to cater to diverse lifestyle needs.

City View Townes, Raleigh

  • City View Townes embodies the city's vibrant spirit. This urban, contemporary neighborhood is perfect for those seeking a modern and dynamic lifestyle.

Clark Townhomes, Raleigh

  • Clark Townhomes is a stylish urban neighborhood that showcases attention to detail and understanding of modern homeowners' needs. This neighborhood offers functional, beautiful homes that resonate with today's city dwellers.

Wilmont, Raleigh

  • Wilmont is a blend of traditional charm and modern conveniences. This neighborhood is highly sought-after, offering a unique community experience in the city.

Boylan Heights, Raleigh

  • Boylan Heights is rich in history and charm. The preservation of the neighborhood's historical character, coupled with modern amenities, makes it a truly unique and desirable location.

Elliott Square, Durham

  • Elliott Square stands out for its strong sense of community and connected lifestyle. This neighborhood truly embodies Durham's vibrant spirit, making it a prime location for those seeking a dynamic and community-oriented lifestyle.

Testimonials Summary

Clients rave about their experiences with Concept 8, highlighting the company's ability to deliver creative design solutions within budget, professional and communicative project management, and the overall positive and stress-free nature of the renovation process.

Awards, Media Features, Key Differentiators

While specific awards and media features are not mentioned, Concept 8's reputation is solidified through glowing client testimonials and their best-in-class warranty, showcasing their confidence in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Design & Customization

Home Styles, Square Footage, Customization Process

Concept 8 specializes in modern designs, with a portfolio that includes everything from remodels to ground-up construction.

Their projects, such as the 1609 Oberlin Rd. Pool House, demonstrate their capability to handle a wide range of designs and functionalities, from cozy guest cottages to expansive living spaces.

Overview Visual Selections

The company's dedication to customization is evident in their detailed project pages, showcasing the passion and quality behind each project. However, specific visual selections like finishes are not detailed in the provided sources.

Construction Process

Trades, Timeframe, Innovations

Concept 8 ensures a high level of involvement, communication, and expertise throughout the construction process, assigning a dedicated manager to each project.

While the typical home build timeframe isn't specified, their emphasis on staying on time and covering every detail suggests a streamlined and efficient process.

Innovations in construction, particularly in efficiency, quality, and durability, are implied through their modern design focus and online project management tools.

Buying a Home

Neighborhoods, Price Ranges, Financing

Specific neighborhoods and price ranges for Concept 8 homes are not detailed in the provided sources.

However, their portfolio of projects across the Raleigh-Durham Triangle market indicates a broad reach.

Financing and budget guidance are suggested through client testimonials praising the company's ability to work within budget constraints.

Insider Tips

Quality Materials, Design Guidance, Resale Value, Technology, Indoor Environmental Quality

Concept 8's commitment to quality materials and design is evident through their project outcomes and client satisfaction.

The use of online tools for project management points to a modern approach to technology integration, ensuring clients can track their project's progress and make decisions remotely.

Specific details on indoor environmental quality factors are not provided.


As Tim Clarke, with over 17 years of real estate experience in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle area and 30 years as a resident, I highly recommend Concept 8 for your home building or renovation needs.

Their dedication to quality craftsmanship and gorgeous modern designs has made them a leader in custom home building for over 20 years.

To maximize a pleasant experience working with Concept 8, communication is key. Share inspiration images, floorplans, and your overall vision early in the process so they can guide you to cost-effective solutions.

Use their online tools to collaborate seamlessly and get updates on progress. Ask questions; they have decades of combined expertise to draw from.

As for saving money, Concept 8's consultative approach means they work with you to balance must-haves with nice-to-haves. Be open about your budget from the start, so they can tailor recommendations appropriately.

Compromise on finishes in areas that don't impact your day-to-day lifestyle. And take advantage of their buying power; they have long-standing relationships with vendors to get you the best prices.

With clear communication, budget transparency, and a spirit of collaboration, you’re sure to get your dream home within your parameters.

Concept 8's expertise in modern design and customization, backed by glowing testimonials, makes them my top recommendation for an exceptional building experience.

Tim M. Clarke

About the author

17 years as a Realtor in the Research Triangle, Tim seeks to transform the Raleigh-Durham real estate scene through a progressive, people-centered approach prioritizing trust & transparency.

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