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December 27, 2023

Exeter Building Company specializes in luxury custom homes in Raleigh's most desirable neighborhoods, offering unique designs and personalization.

Exeter Building Company has been building luxury custom homes in Raleigh's most desirable neighborhoods since 2008. Founded by longtime friends John Heidel, John Finan, and Alex Yost,

Exeter aims to create homes where families can build lifelong memories.

Reputation for Luxury and Quality

With just over a decade in business, Exeter has established itself as Raleigh's premier custom home builder. Their reputation for outstanding design, quality craftsmanship, and customer service sets them apart.

Homeowners rave about the level of personalization and attention to detail Exeter provides. Many describe the process as "fun and fulfilling" thanks to the builder's focus on collaboration.

Notable Communities

Exeter Building Company has made an indelible mark across Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Apex with thoughtfully designed neighborhoods that epitomize luxury living.

Their expertise as a premier home builder shines through in the following communities:

  • Coley Forest in Raleigh is an embodiment of luxury living, with stunning custom homes that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.
  • Southern Hills Estates in Raleigh showcases Exeter's meticulous attention to detail through homes that blend seamlessly with the natural landscape.
  • Ridgewood in Raleigh reflects the builder's harmonious design aesthetic that homeowners are sure to appreciate.
  • Vintage Oak in Raleigh demonstrates Exeter's dedication to architectural excellence with graceful, charming homes.
  • Bloomsbury in Raleigh serves as a canvas for making memories, with Exeter homes built with both beauty and livability in mind.
  • Dairyland in Raleigh offers unique homes that bear the mark of Exeter's exceptional vision.
  • Bellevue Terrace in Raleigh presents stunning Exeter residences within a peaceful, tree-lined community.
  • Bella Vista's Raleigh location houses exceptional Exeter homes surrounded by scenic ponds and greenery.
  • Camberly in Wake Forest provides a tranquil retreat courtesy of the outstanding homebuilder.
  • Hasentree in Wake Forest is a testament to luxurious living complementing a picturesque landscape, thanks to Exeter.
  • Wexford Reserve in Wake Forest demonstrates Exeter’s prowess through exceptional homes nestled beautifully within the community’s natural wooded areas and open spaces.
  • Sweetwater in Apex is a shining example of Exeter’s ability to seamlessly blend luxurious living with small-town charm.

Home Styles and Design Services

While Exeter specializes in luxury homes, their designs range from Traditional and Craftsman to Modern and Contemporary. Home sizes typically start around 3,500 square feet with some over 10,000 square feet.

Every Exeter home is completely custom. Their in-house design team works one-on-one with homeowners to create a unique floor plan tailored to their lifestyle.

Exeter's Design Studio makes selections easy with everything from cabinets and finishes to audio-visual systems and smart home technology.

Construction Process

Exeter handles every aspect of construction in-house with their own team of trade partners. Homeowners can expect a high level of communication and transparency throughout the 8-12 month build.

The company uses premium materials and advanced building science for maximum durability and energy efficiency. Healthy home features like air and water filtration also come standard.

During each stage of the build, Exeter conducts thorough inspections and walkthroughs with the homeowner. This ensures quality and allows for any last minute changes.

Buying an Exeter Home

Exeter builds custom homes on clients' existing lots or on new lots within Raleigh's Inside the Beltline neighborhoods. Popular areas include Historic Oakwood, Hayes Barton, Budleigh, and Country Club Hills.

Pricing starts around $750,000 and goes over $3 million for larger estate homes. Exact cost depends on the home's size, features, finishes, and location.

Exeter offers in-house financing services to help buyers maximize their budget. They also have relationships with over 15 preferred lenders.

The builder's website showcases photos and videos of current and past projects to give buyers design inspiration.

Guidance from Local Real Estate Expert

As an agent who has worked with Exeter for over 10 years, I highly recommend them for luxury custom homes. Here are my insider tips:

Take time to understand their high-end construction techniques and materials - things like steel framing, foam insulation, and designer fixtures.

Invest in quality design upfront - it's much cheaper to make changes on paper than during framing or finish work.

Consider resale value when making selections. Upgrades like quartz counters and hardwood floors can yield 120% ROI.

Ask about energy-efficient options to offset higher cooling and heating costs from larger homes.

Inquire about their preferred vendors for things like audio-visual, landscaping, and smart home tech. Bundling can mean big savings.

Use any leverage you have as a buyer, especially on spec homes or lots they've held for over 6 months.

With Exeter's outstanding reputation and seasoned expertise, you can expect a custom home built to last for generations. Their focus on quality over quantity means your home will stay current and retain value.

Tim M. Clarke

About the author

17 years as a Realtor in the Research Triangle, Tim seeks to transform the Raleigh-Durham real estate scene through a progressive, people-centered approach prioritizing trust & transparency.

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