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November 5, 2023

Discover the heart of Raleigh in Five Points, near Glenwood South and downtown. Explore the vibrant culture and convenience of this iconic area.
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Five Points is a fantastic spot in Raleigh that's perfect for just strolling around or even thinking about settling in. Imagine streets lined with charming houses and some fresh, stylish townhomes and houses that are newly built.

It's a special place where Glenwood Avenue and Fairview Road cross paths to form an "X", and Whitaker Mill Road ends right at this intersection - that's your five points.

Funny enough, there's also a Glenn Avenue that stops there, but there's no talk about a "Six Points," which kind of makes it a fun little mystery.

This neighborhood has got the looks with a history to match. It once had an amusement park to show off the magic of electricity, attracting people for a fun ride on the streetcar and a day of excitement.

The lights and laughter from the carousel, roller coaster, and arcade are long gone, but the carousel has found a new home in Pullen Park.

The vibe of those days, however, is alive in the community, making it one of the most sought-after spots to live inside the beltline of Raleigh.

So, if you love a place with character and history, where the community is welcoming and the homes are a sweet blend of vintage and modern, Five Points might just be the place for you.

Keep it in mind next time you're thinking about where to live – or if you're planning a chill day out!

History of Five Points

As a well-established part of Raleigh, Five Points boasts a rich history that stretches back to its development in the early 20th century.

What once were trolley lines connecting neighborhoods have since transformed into bustling streets filled with characters and stories.

The historic homes within the area showcase various architectural styles, ranging from Tudor Revival to Colonial Revival, reflecting the vibrant tapestry of Five Points' past.

You can read more about the history of Five Points on the Raleigh Historic Development Commission (RHDC) website.

A picturesque neighborhood with a rich history, Five Points is made up of several subdivisions:

Hayes Barton - The Hayes Barton area of Raleigh covers the neighborhoods west and east of Glenwood Avenue, south of the Five Points intersection. It stretches northwards up to Wade Avenue and includes the west side of Fairview Road, north of Five Points.

Fairview Row - Fairview Row is located western central part of the Five Points split.

Bloomsbury - Established in the 1920's, Bloomsbury is just north of the Five Points split along Glenwood Avenue.

Glenwood Brooklyn - This community run on either side of Glenwood immediately north of Five Points, and include the areas along White Oak Road just north of Five Points.

Vanguard Park - Vanguard Park sits northeast of the Five Points Split, along Whitaker Mill.

The Oaks at Fallon Park - The Oaks at Fallon Park is in the northeastern area of Five Points and south of Kiwanis Park.

Georgetown - Georgetown is to the east of the Five Points split, just off E Whitaker Mill Rd.

Villa Park - Villa Park is at the northeastern corner of the Five Points area, just south of Fallon Park.

Carson South - Carson South is to the east of the Five Points split, off W Roanoke Park Dr.

Offering an authentic sense of community, the Five Points area is perfect for those who appreciate a quaint neighborhood lifestyle alongside modern city amenities.

The Quintessential Southern Comforts

Five Points is brimming with essential amenities, top-notch restaurants, and eclectic shopping options.

Just a short stroll from the restaurants and nightlife of Glenwood South. Drive just a short distance from downtown Raleigh and enjoy the local charm of this cozy neighborhood.

For foodies, a visit to the renowned NOFO @ the Pig is not to be missed. Lilly's Pizza, is a local favorite with some of the best pizza in the state!

This Southern-inspired café and market serve up mouth-watering home-style dishes in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Other popular dining spots include the Local Faves, Hayes Barton Café & Dessertery, and the trendy Crafty Beer Shop.

When it comes to shopping, Five Points does not disappoint.

The area offers shoppers a chance to indulge in handcrafted, artisanal goods from nearby small businesses.

Take a leisurely walk down Glenwood Avenue and discover a delightful range of boutique shops, offering everything from unique jewelry and gifts to the latest in fashion trends.

Going Places: Accessibility

Situated just a 25-minute drive from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU), Five Points offers excellent accessibility for travelers and commuters alike.

The neighborhood is also well-served by public transportation, making traversing the city a breeze.

Education and Healthcare in the Community

The Five Points area is home to excellent educational facilities, offering top-tier schooling options for families.

Joyner Elementary School and Daniels Middle School cater to younger students, while Broughton High School, with its well-regarded International Baccalaureate program, provides a fantastic education for older students.

Healthcare in Five Points is nothing short of exceptional.

Proximity to premium healthcare services offers residents peace of mind, with UNC REX Hospital and Duke Raleigh Hospital just a short drive away.

A Lively Neighborhood Aesthetic

One can't help but appreciate the quaint, tree-lined streets of Five Points.

The area exudes an undeniable sense of community and provides a welcome respite from busy city life.

Raleigh's beloved Fletcher Park, found within Five Points, offers recreational and leisure activities to delight all ages.

From outdoor exercise equipment to sprawling green spaces perfect for picnics, Five Points encourages an active, engaging lifestyle.


As a unique, historically rich community in Raleigh, North Carolina, the Five Points neighborhood offers a blend of small-town charm and modern city life.

Each of the five subdivisions –Hayes Barton, Bloomsbury, Vanguard Park, Georgetown, and Roanoke Park– contribute their own distinct flair while sharing a strong sense of community.

With top-tier educational and healthcare facilities, a thriving food scene, and boutique shopping experiences, Five Points is a comfortable yet vibrant neighborhood.

The area's rich history, picturesque streets, and inviting atmosphere are sure to leave a lasting impression on those who visit the eclectic neighborhood.

From the expansive Fletcher Park to the cozy community eateries, Five Points retains a timeless air of Southern charm.

With easy access to the rest of Raleigh and the nearby RDU airport, this quaint neighborhood boasts the best of both worlds, providing residents with the comforts of a close-knit community along with the excitement of city life.

Discover the intriguing history, diverse architecture, and captivating culture of Five Points, and you just might find yourself longing to make this remarkable slice of Raleigh your new home.

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