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January 2, 2024

Midtown Custom Homes builds distinguished luxury homes in Raleigh, NC combining lifestyle aspirations with fine building practices.

For over a decade, Midtown Custom Homes has been creating exceptional luxury homes throughout Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest and surrounding areas that seamlessly blend inspired design and superior craftsmanship.

Founded by Travis Lam and Laura Siegmund, Midtown Custom Homes is dedicated to turning clients' visions into reality through sophisticated architecture, high-end finishes, and exceptional service.

Reputation for Quality Design and Construction

With over 10 years of experience, Midtown Custom Homes has established itself as one of Raleigh's premier custom luxury home builders.

Their reputation for inspired architecture, premium materials, and customer satisfaction is unmatched.

Homeowners consistently praise the builder's constant communication, transparency, and focus on collaboration throughout the design and building process.

Many describe working with Midtown Custom Homes as an enjoyable, seamless experience.


Here are some of the exquisite neighborhoods where Midtown Custom Homes has left its indelible mark:

  • North Ridge: A testament to luxury and style, where Midtown Custom Homes has crafted residences that blend seamlessly with the area's prestigious golfing community.
  • North Hills: Known for its vibrant atmosphere, Midtown Custom Homes has contributed to the chic and modern living spaces that complement this mixed-use development's appeal.
  • The Village District: In this historic and shopping-centric locale, homes by Midtown Custom Homes stand out for their simplicity and elegance, enhancing the quaint charm of the district.
  • Tuscan Pointe: Reflecting the rustic beauty of Tuscany, Midtown Custom Homes has brought to life designs that exude luxury and warmth in this Raleigh neighborhood.
  • Montclair: This upscale development has been graced with Midtown Custom Homes' signature designs, offering residents an exclusive and serene lifestyle.
  • Wakefield: The homes here are a showcase of Midtown Custom Homes' dedication to quality and design, complementing the family-friendly environment and lush golf courses.
  • Budleigh: With a nod to Raleigh's historic roots, Midtown Custom Homes has created spaces that honor tradition while infusing modern luxury.

Midtown Custom Homes' dedication to client-builder communication, meticulous craftsmanship, and the use of the finest materials ensures that every home is not just a structure, but a sanctuary for its owners.

As a real estate agent who has witnessed the joy and satisfaction of numerous clients settling into their Midtown Custom Homes-built residences, I can attest to the builder's unwavering commitment to excellence.

Whether you're drawn to the lively atmosphere of North Hills, the sophisticated charm of Budleigh, or the tranquil allure of Montclair, Midtown Custom Homes delivers a living experience that is truly second to none in the Raleigh area.

Custom Home Design and Personalization

Midtown Custom Homes offers luxury Traditional, Craftsman, and Transitional style homes. Sizes typically range from 3,000 to 5,000+ square feet on larger estate lots.

Every Midtown Custom home is completely customized to the client's lifestyle and aesthetic vision. Their award-winning in-house designer works one-on-one with each homeowner to create a unique living space.

The builder's sophisticated Design Studio provides endless options to personalize each home through finishes, fixtures, and integrated smart home technology.

Construction Process

Midtown Custom Homes manages the entire construction process while partnering with licensed contractors, overseeing quality control throughout the 10-14 month timeline.

Their focus is on using top-tier materials and superior craftsmanship.

The company is known for utilizing the latest technologies and building science innovations to maximize energy efficiency, durability, and comfort. This results in high-performance homes built to stand the test of time.

Buying a Midtown Custom Home

Midtown Custom Homes constructs stunning luxury homes in Raleigh's most prestigious neighborhoods including North Hills, Wakefield, Falls River, and more.

Home prices typically range from $900,000 up to $1.5 million. Exact pricing depends on size, features, finishes, and location.

The Midtown Custom Homes website showcases photos, videos, and floor plans of completed projects to provide design inspiration.

Guidance from Local Real Estate Expert

As an agent familiar with Midtown Custom Homes, I highly recommend them for luxury custom builds. Here are my insider tips:

  • Take time to understand their proven construction methods and premium materials - quality is their focus.
  • Invest heavily in the design process - their team will actualize your most ambitious ideas.
  • Consider long-term resale when selecting finishes and materials. Smart upgrades will preserve value.
  • Inquire about their tech integration - Midtown Custom Homes stays on top of smart home trends.
  • Ask about energy efficiency and indoor air quality to improve home health.
  • Use any leverage you have as a buyer, especially on spec homes or lots they've held for over 6 months.

With over 10 years perfecting their craft, you can trust Midtown Custom Homes to deliver a finely-crafted living space that flawlessly blends world-class design and modern functionality.

Final Thoughts From Tim

With 17 years of experience in real estate and a 30-year residency in the Triangle, I can confidently say that working with Midtown Custom Homes is a journey toward realizing your dream home.

To maximize your experience, maintain open communication with the team, clearly convey your lifestyle needs, and trust their guidance.

To potentially save money, consider timing your build to coincide with off-peak seasons, and be open to material alternatives that maintain quality without compromising design.

With Midtown Custom Homes, you’re not just building a house—you’re crafting a sanctuary that echoes sophistication and style.

Tim M. Clarke

About the author

17 years as a Realtor in the Research Triangle, Tim seeks to transform the Raleigh-Durham real estate scene through a progressive, people-centered approach prioritizing trust & transparency.

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