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January 2, 2024

Raleigh-Durham custom home builder Scott Daves Construction Co offers quality craftsmanship and personalized service since 1998.

Founded in 1998 by the dedicated and detail-oriented Scott Daves, Scott Daves Construction Co has become a synonym for excellence in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle market of North Carolina.

They specialize in creating not just houses, but homes that bear the mark of quality craftsmanship and timeless design.

Known for their hands-on approach, each project reflects a commitment to intricate details such as robust staircases, sophisticated mouldings, and an overall classic yet contemporary aesthetic.


Building Trust Through Excellence

Clients of Scott Daves Construction Co consistently share glowing testimonials, noting Scott’s personal involvement and the exceptional building experience they have had.

The company distinguishes itself with its dedication to traditional craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

While specific awards and media features are not listed, the testimonials themselves speak volumes about the builder’s reputation.

Design & Customization

Crafting Your Dream Home with Elegance and Precision

The portfolio images on their website showcase a range of home styles, from grand and traditional to sleek and modern, ensuring there is something to suit every taste.

While specific square footage ranges are not mentioned, the emphasis on detail and quality suggests a focus on mid to high-end custom homes.

The customization process is touted as thorough, with Scott Daves himself guiding clients from design to completion, ensuring they are informed and satisfied every step of the way.


With over three decades of experience and a commitment to quality design and construction, Hurst Home Company is more than just a builder; they're a promise of a lifestyle that is as grand as it is comfortable.

My team and I are here to provide expert guidance and insights into these magnificent neighborhoods and to help you discover the home that exceeds your expectations.

My team and I specialize in luxury and residential properties, and our emphasis is always on ensuring our clients find not just a house, but a home that resonates with their aspirations and lifestyle.

  • Preston in Morrisville & Cary: The twin jewels of the Triangle, Preston in Morrisville and Preston in Cary, exemplify the apex of luxury living. Hurst Home Company has meticulously crafted homes in these neighborhoods, infusing them with elegance and a serene suburban charm. The residents here enjoy upscale amenities paired with the timeless design and quality that Hurst Home Company brings to every project.
  • Montvale in Cary: Montvale is a neighborhood where sophistication meets comfort, creating an enviable lifestyle for its residents. With Hurst Home Company's involvement, each home is a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence and an unwavering commitment to creating spaces that embody the feeling of home.
  • Rockford in Chapel Hill & Croasdaile Farm in Durham: While I cannot speak to specific projects by Hurst Home Company in Rockford in Chapel Hill or Croasdaile Farm in Durham at this time, I can attest to the overall high standards of living and community engagement that these areas represent.
  • Lakes at Umstead in Raleigh: Raleigh's Lakes at Umstead is yet another neighborhood where the craftsmanship of Hurst Home Company shines. Here, they've demonstrated their unique ability to combine luxury with the tranquility of lakeside living, a hallmark of their dedication to fostering communities that truly feel like home.

Construction Process

Quality and Durability at the Forefront

Scott Daves Construction Co prides itself on using high-quality materials and skilled artisans. Their partnership with trusted trades ensures that each home is built with the utmost care.

The typical home build timeframe is not explicitly stated but given the personalized attention to each project, one can infer a dedication to timely completion without sacrificing quality.

Innovations in construction are implied through their commitment to traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

Buying a Home

Your Perfect Neighborhood Awaits

The website does not list specific neighborhoods or price ranges, focusing instead on the bespoke nature of their service.

However, clients can expect comprehensive guidance through the financial aspects of their home-building journey, indicative of Scott Daves Construction Co’s commitment to a smooth and transparent process.

Insider Tips

Maximize Value and Enjoyment in Your Scott Daves Home

The use of high-quality materials ensures lasting value, while the classic designs suggest a favorable resale potential.

Clients are encouraged to engage in the design process, with guidance available for making selections that reflect their personal style.

Technology integrations, while not outlined, are likely incorporated within the modern aspects of their homes. Indoor environmental quality is a priority, given the attention to detail and quality materials used.


As a seasoned real estate agent with extensive experience in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle area, I can confidently recommend Scott Daves Construction Co for those seeking a custom home built with integrity and finesse.

To maximize your experience, engage actively in the customization process, and do not hesitate to ask questions; Scott Daves himself will be there to guide you.

To save money, consider your long-term needs during the design phase, as the quality and timelessness of a Scott Daves home will save you from future renovations.

Trust in their process and enjoy the journey of creating your dream home.

If you're looking to embark on the journey of building a custom home in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle, Scott Daves Construction Co stands as a pillar of quality and customer satisfaction.

With Scott Daves at the helm, your vision for a dream home can be realized with elegance, precision, and a personalized touch.

Visit their website at to discover how they can make your dream home a reality.

Tim M. Clarke

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17 years as a Realtor in the Research Triangle, Tim seeks to transform the Raleigh-Durham real estate scene through a progressive, people-centered approach prioritizing trust & transparency.

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