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I am one of the hardest working Realtors in the Triangle.

As I realized things were not going to improve any time soon, I decided to make the best of it. Becoming a REALTOR® six months before the bottom fell out of the housing market, failure was not an option.

After a year and a half in the NFL, I decided to leave my professional football career behind to pursue real estate full time. I have played football since I was 13 years old and received a college scholarship because of it, though I never expected to go pro.

Football taught me discipline and determination unlike anything else. When I started playing, I felt I had to prove myself to others, and once I began to do well, I did not want to let anyone down. Leaving behind that career felt like a failure at the time, and I swore I would make whatever I chose next work no matter what. 

When the crash hit, I stayed committed to that promise I had made to myself and adapted. I found a need in the industry and shifted my focus onto foreclosures. Over the years, I adapted a lot, staying at the cutting edge of technology within the industry. While adaptability and tenacity brought me to where I am today, so did all the people who helped me over the years.

I grew up with a single mother who worked hard to provide a good life for the two of us. As a teenager, I first noticed the compassion others showed in my life. There were countless coaches, teachers, neighbors, and ministers who helped us over the years that I will never forget. Once, our neighbors bought new furniture and gave us the pieces they no longer needed.

It may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but it was far from it. At the time, my mother had just bought her first place and we did not have a lot to fill it. That gift furnished our home in a way we could not have done on our own. I can never hope to repay all the kindness I have received over the years. Instead, I do all I can to pay it forward through helping others and being an active volunteer in several community organizations.

Something my mother often said to me was, “Do well and doubt not.” I have taken that mantra to heart and put my all into everything I do. Situations change and challenges arise, but I will always continue to do my best and remember to look at the bigger picture.

I started my team in 2021, and one thing I do when stressful situations come up is suggest we all take a break. Whether we go for a beer or a cup of coffee, it does not make a difference. All that matters is taking that step back from what seems like an impossible problem. More often than not, the solution becomes clear through time and distance, once we step back far enough to take in the big picture. Whenever I am not working, I enjoy playing bass, shooting at the gun range, going to the beach, and taking those moments to pause which enable us to continue building momentum even when times get tough.

I have been a licensed REALTOR® since 2007 and in commercial real estate since 2014. I will continue growing with our constantly expanding world and offering a fresh perspective to create new avenues of success for those around me. My favorite part of being a REALTOR® is helping my clients achieve their goals.

Whether you are buying or selling, you are looking for the perfect solution to fit your needs. I push the envelope in real estate with my combination of experience and knowledge of technology. I keep my clients at the cutting edge of the industry and go above and beyond in my searches for unconventional solutions. Utilizing creative methods of problem solving, I have become a go-to resource for many in the industry. Real estate is constantly changing, and I am constantly changing with it, adopting new methods, approaches, tools, and strategies. 

I have lived here for most of my life and am an expert on the local communities and the lifestyles they offer. In the 15+ years I have been a licensed REALTOR®, I have gained extensive experience in residential, commercial and custom homebuilding. No matter where you are on your real estate journey, I am confident I can help you get where you want to be. Once the transaction is over, I will continue to support your success as your lifelong REALTOR®.

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