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As a dedicated REALTOR® with a rich background that spans over 17 years in the industry, including significant experience in both residential and commercial real estate, I have consistently strived to embody the epitome of hard work and professional excellence. My journey into real estate as an African American real estate agent was anything but conventional. Transitioning from a promising professional football career, where discipline, determination, and the relentless drive to succeed were instilled in me from a young age, I ventured into the realm of real estate I've never grown up being exposed to and during a tumultuous period for the housing market, 2008. Facing the adversities head-on, I embraced the challenges with a steadfast commitment to prevail, underpinned by the invaluable lessons learned on the football field.

The decision to change my career path wasn't made lightly. Football, a sport I had engaged in since I was 13 and which led me to a scholarship at the prestigious Lenoir-Rhyne University, had taught me more than just the game; it taught me about life, resilience, and the power of a determined spirit. When the housing market faced its downturn, I saw not just a challenge, but an opportunity—an opportunity to apply my discipline and innovate within an industry ripe for change. Focusing my efforts on foreclosures initially, I continuously adapted, always staying abreast of the latest technology and trends within the industry.

This journey has been about more than just my individual success. It has been a testament to the community that raised me, the mentors who guided me, and the unyielding support system that has been by my side every step of the way. Growing up with a hardworking single black mother and witnessing the generosity of those around us has instilled in me a profound sense of gratitude and a desire to give back. Whether through volunteer work or simply lending a helping hand, I am committed to paying forward the kindness I've received.

In 2021, I established my team with the vision of not only navigating but thriving amidst the continuously evolving landscape of real estate. We approach every challenge with the understanding that sometimes, stepping back and taking a moment to regroup can unveil the most effective solutions. This philosophy of maintaining balance is something I carry into my personal pursuits as well, from playing bass to spending time at the beach, recognizing the importance of recharging in order to maintain momentum.

As a REALTOR®, I take great pride in leveraging my extensive experience, innovative approach to problem-solving, and mastery of the latest technological advancements to serve my clients. I'm not just assisting in buying or selling properties; I'm helping clients realize their dreams and achieve their goals. The Triangle area, which I have called home for the majority of my life, offers a unique blend of community and lifestyle, and I am passionate about sharing my in-depth knowledge of this market with my clients.

In essence, my story is one of transformation, resilience, and relentless hard work. I stand as a testament to the idea that with dedication, a forward-thinking approach, and a commitment to excellence, it is possible to overcome any obstacle and emerge successful. For those seeking a professional who embodies these values and possesses a deep understanding of both the opportunities and challenges within the real estate market, I am here to guide you through every step of your journey. Once the transaction is over and the deal closes, our relationship starts. I will become one of your biggest resource for our wealth development as I will continue to support your success as your lifelong REALTOR®.

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