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January 16, 2024

Creedmoor Manor offers luxury living in custom estates within a private, gated 60-acre community near Wake Forest, NC.
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Nestled within the heart of Wake Forest, North Carolina, Creedmoor Manor is an exclusive community that redefines luxury living.

Local Wake County custom builders have meticulously sculpted an enclave that affords residents both privacy and a high quality of life.

This gated community sits comfortably on 60 lush acres including over 20 acres reserved for open space – a verdant backdrop that enhances the serene environment of Falls Lake.

Creedmoor Manor Overview

Creedmoor Manor's lineage is steeped in a history of thoughtful development which remains evidence in the community's modern-day allure.

With a commitment to preserving natural beauty while creating state-of-the-art residences, these new custom homes embody the pinnacle of opulent and sustainable living.

Each of the 30 bespoke estate sprawling over acreage introduces a personalized approach to luxury.

Neighborhoods such as Explorer Trail and Discovery Falls Trail have become synonymous with exclusivity and elegance, featuring names like Cozy Cove Court that echo the comfort and indulgence emblematic of the community.

Here, each lot has a unique story, and very few opportunities remain to become part of this distinguished community, with only one lot left to claim.

Builders of Creedmoor Manor

Creedmoor Manor is an embodiment of luxury living, and much of its charm is attributable to the unmatched craftsmanship and innovative designs provided by its exclusive team of builders.

The synergy between design and detail within this community makes it one of the most sought-after addresses in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Each builder brings a unique set of skills and a distinct perspective to Creedmoor Manor, further solidifying the community’s reputation for upscale, custom homes.

Wagoner Custom Homes

  • Personalized Approach: Wagoner Custom Homes is renowned for their tailored design process, committing to the creation of homes that reflect the unique desires and aspirations of their clients.
  • Architectural Excellence: With an emphasis on modern luxury, Wagoner Custom Homes delivers innovation and quality that stands out in the rich tapestry of Wake Forest real estate.

Gray Line Builders

  • Experience and Customer Focus: Gray Line Builders, helmed by industry veterans Alan Hill and Justin Patsey, bring over 40 years of experience to Creedmoor Manor.
  • Uncompromising Quality and Service: Residents benefit from their dedication to outstanding craftsmanship and a mission to exceed customer expectations at every turn, constantly pushing the boundaries of what a custom home should embody.

Legacy Custom Homes

  • Versatile Portfolio: From high-end estates to luxurious townhomes, Legacy Custom Homes has crafted a diverse range of properties to meet varying tastes and budgets.
  • Customer-Centric Philosophy: Built on a foundation of detail-oriented service and impeccable standards, Legacy ensures not only the finest homes but also a seamless buying and building experience.

Future Homes by Jim Thompson

  • Seasoned Veterans and Relationships: With an established presence in the industry, Future Homes maintains longstanding partnerships with expert subcontractors and a build team with 40 years of company history.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Their track record of fulfilling promises is the cornerstone of their success, ensuring that the homes they build are a testament to lasting quality and satisfaction.

Hayes Barton Homes

  • Flexibility and Craftsmanship: Blending the reliability of a large builder with the adaptability of a smaller, local craftsman, Hayes Barton Homes delivers homes that are both awe-inspiring and comforting.
  • Award-Winning Designs: Their extensive portfolio features a collection of designs that have received industry accolades, and their process aims to make the journey from construction to closing both gratifying and stress-free.

The collaboration of these esteemed builders results in a community that is not just a collection of homes but a harmonious sanctuary that embodies the essence of bespoke living.

Prospective homeowners at Creedmoor Manor can confidently entrust their visions to these acclaimed artisans, knowing their dream home will emerge with unparalleled distinction and grandeur.

Creedmoor Manor Amenities

Creedmoor Manor residents benefit from a suite of amenities enhancing their lifestyle.

The private, gated nature of the community ensures security and tranquility.

The extensive open space, coupled with proximity to Falls Lake, provides endless opportunities for outdoor recreation and admiration of nature’s splendor.

Connectivity to I-540 facilitates quick commutes to shopping, fine dining, and entertainment hubs such as North Hills and Crabtree Valley Mall, without compromising on the peace of your private retreat.

Top Restaurants Near the Community

Indulge in Wake Forest's vibrant culinary scene that graces the peripheries of Creedmoor Manor.

The community boasts convenient access to a variety of dining options, each showcasing delectable dishes that satisfy palates and create memorable experiences.

  • Farmhouse Fare: Nestled just a stone's throw away, this eatery is lauded for its hearty meals that echo down-home comfort. Patrons rave about the seasonal offerings that capture local flavors.
  • Savory Spices: Embrace the aromatic atmosphere at this highly-reviewed restaurant where spice-infused dishes take center stage, and chefs are commended for their innovative twists on traditional recipes.
  • Modern Eats: Explore contemporary gastronomy where reviewers consistently acclaim the artistic presentation and fusion of global cuisines, creating a dining adventure that's both novel and delightful.

For those keen on delectable discoveries, these recommendations serve as gateways to the culinary excellence surrounding Creedmoor Manor.

Creedmoor Manor Commute Insights

Living in Creedmoor Manor positions residents perfectly to access several key locations within the North Carolina Triangle area with ease.

Whether it is for work, travel, or leisure, understanding the commute routes and times from Creedmoor Manor is essential for a well-planned day:

RDU Airport

  • Distance from Creedmoor Manor: Approximately 20 miles.
    Ideal Commute Routes: The most direct route typically involves taking US-1 S/Capital Blvd to I-540 W and then following it to exit for Aviation Pkwy.
    Approximate Commute Times: During off-peak hours, you can reach RDU Airport in about 25-30 minutes. During peak travel times, allocate additional time for potential traffic delays on I-540.

Downtown Wake Forest

  • Distance from Creedmoor Manor: Around 5 miles.
    Ideal Commute Routes: A quick drive via US-1 ALT N/Main St through the heart of Wake Forest.
    Approximate Commute Times: This can be a brief 10 to 15-minute journey depending on the time of day and local traffic.

Downtown Durham

  • Distance from Creedmoor Manor: Roughly 23 miles.
    Ideal Commute Routes: Take NC-98 W to Durham Rd, then continue onto I-85 for the most streamlined trip.
    Approximate Commute Times: Outside of high-traffic times, expect this commute to take around 30-35 minutes. During peak hours or in the case of construction, allow for up to 45-60 minutes to navigate potential congestion.

Downtown Raleigh

  • Distance from Creedmoor Manor: Approximately 17 miles.
    Ideal Commute Routes: US-1 S/Capital Blvd is your direct path into Downtown Raleigh.
    Approximate Commute Times: On average, a drive to downtown can take around 25-30 minutes, but during rush hour or high-traffic periods, this can increase to 40-50 minutes.

RTP (Research Triangle Park)

  • Distance from Creedmoor Manor: Close to 25 miles.
    Ideal Commute Routes: Utilize US-1 S to I-540 W and then continue on I-40 W, which leads straight to the Research Triangle Park.
    Approximate Commute Times: Typically, the commute to RTP takes about 30-35 minutes in light traffic. However, during peak hours, significantly longer times should be anticipated, potentially up to one hour, especially along I-40 and I-540 interchange areas.

Understanding the traffic flow and peak commute times is critical for residents of communities like Creedmoor Manor.

Always consider time of day and known traffic patterns when planning your departures.

Early morning and late afternoon typically see increased congestion due to work commutes, so allocating extra time during these hours is wise.

With scheduled road improvements and expansions on the horizon, residents can look forward to more streamlined commutes in future years.

For up-to-minute traffic advisories, checking the NCDOT website or local traffic apps before departure is always recommended.

Final Thoughts on Creedmoor Manor

As a 17-year veteran in Triangle real estate and founder of the Tim M. Clarke Team, I've gained extensive first-hand knowledge of the area's communities.

My three decades as a resident have allowed me to experience the evolution of Wake Forest and witness Creedmoor Manor blossom into one of its most elite and coveted neighborhoods.

From my professional perspective, I can earnestly say that Creedmoor Manor stands shoulders above comparable communities.

Its winning combination of a private, secluded landscape and proximity to abundant amenities facilitates the ultimate residential experience.

For homebuyers ready to stake their claim in this exclusive enclave, I recommend partnering with one of Creedmoor Manor's featured builders to actualize your vision.

Their mastery of design and construction, coupled with a commitment to service, will ensure a smooth and rewarding build process.

Once settled into your stately home, be sure to capitalize on the community's many offerings. From the shared open spaces to recreational paths, there are copious opportunities to relish the great outdoors right at your doorstep.

When you crave urban attractions, downtown hotspots and shopping meccas are but a short commute away.

Finally, as you look ahead to future moves, rest assured that investment in a Creedmoor Manor estate promises significant returns.

As the community matures, its prestige amplifies. My team stands eager to assist when the time comes to market your home, leveraging our extensive experience with luxury listings to secure maximum value.

Ultimately, whether you currently seek a home or plan to in the years ahead, Creedmoor Manor checks every box.

Everything from the homebuilding process to life within the community and beyond is bound to meet and exceed expectations when you opt for this elite Wake Forest address.

As your neighborhood specialist, I cannot understate the rare privilege of calling Creedmoor Manor home.

If you would like to know more about this great community, contact one of our agents here.

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