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November 5, 2023

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Riggsbee Farm is a popular community located in Cary, North Carolina. It is known for its serene location, excellent amenities, and rich history.

The neighborhood is situated in the western part of Cary, between Davis Drive and Morrisville-Carpenter Road.

It offers easy accessibility and serves as a great place to call home for families and individuals seeking a peaceful suburban life.

The community consists of around 260 homes, built between 1996 and 2006 by Zaring Homes and Drees Homes.

It is surrounded by numerous parks, trails, and other attractions, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation.

Riggsbee Farm is built on the land that belonged to the historic Riggsbee family.

The Riggsbee family were early settlers in the area and had a well-known farm renowned for its high-quality produce.


Riggsbee Farm offers a range of amenities for its residents to enjoy. These include a clubhouse community pool, playground, and green spaces.

The neighborhood also features well-maintained sidewalks and walking trails, providing easy access to the community's amenities and nearby parks.

Residents can take advantage of these amenities to relax, socialize, and engage in outdoor activities.


Cary is home to many excellent restaurants, and residents of Riggsbee Farm have a variety of options to choose from.

As a real estate professional and a resident of Cary, I'm always eager to share the culinary delights that our area has to offer.

Here are the top 10 local restaurants near Riggsbee Farm along with the types of cuisine they offer and a brief overview of Google reviews:

Herons at The Umstead Hotel and Spa

  • Cuisine: New American, Fine Dining
  • Review Highlights: Herons is celebrated for its exceptional service and exquisite cuisine. The AAA Five Diamond award-winning restaurant is led by a James Beard-nominated chef and offers a range of prix fixe menus. Diners rave about the elegant atmosphere and the locally-sourced ingredients.

Maximillian's Grill

  • Cuisine: Global Fusion
  • Review Highlights: Maximillian's Grill is known for its warm hospitality and globally-inspired menu. Reviews often mention the pretzel bread pudding and the locally-sourced fish as favorites. The ambiance is perfect for a group outing with a diverse selection of wines.

Pizzeria Faulisi

  • Cuisine: Neapolitan-style Pizza
  • Review Highlights: This family-owned pizzeria is praised for its wood-fired, thin-crust pizzas with fresh, local toppings. The dough, a blend of local and Italian flours, receives high marks for its perfect char and fluffiness. The adjacent Bond Brothers Beer Company is a recommended stop for craft beer enthusiasts.

La Farm Bakery

  • Cuisine: French Bakery and Café
  • Review Highlights: La Farm Bakery offers a taste of France with its hand-crafted bread and pastries. Patrons love the variety of flavors and the authentic French experience. The bakery's commitment to quality since 1999 has made it a beloved spot in Cary.

Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice Noodle

  • Cuisine: Chinese, Noodles
  • Review Highlights: This restaurant is celebrated for its flavorful Yunnan-style rice noodles and authentic Chinese dishes. Customers appreciate the ample serving sizes and the noodles cooked to perfection.

Tazza Kitchen Stone Creek Village

  • Cuisine: Contemporary American
  • Review Highlights: Tazza Kitchen is known for its wood-fired cooking and seasonal menu. The restaurant receives accolades for its stylish decor and innovative dishes. The outdoor seating is a hit among diners looking for a pleasant dining experience.


  • Cuisine: Turkish, Mediterranean
  • Review Highlights: Bosphorus offers a menu filled with Turkish and Mediterranean classics. Reviewers often mention the high-quality ingredients and the authentic flavors that transport them to the Mediterranean shores.

Noodle Boulevard

  • Cuisine: Asian, Noodles
  • Review Highlights: This spot is a favorite for noodle lovers, with a variety of Asian-inspired noodle dishes. The fresh ingredients and flavorful broths stand out in the reviews.

Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen

  • Cuisine: Southern, American
  • Review Highlights: Lucky 32 is praised for its Southern comfort food with a modern twist. The restaurant's commitment to local sourcing and seasonal menus is a recurring theme in the reviews.

Big Mike's BBQ

  • Cuisine: Barbecue
  • Review Highlights: Known for its authentic smoked meats and classic barbecue sides, Big Mike's BBQ is a must-visit for barbecue aficionados. The reviews often highlight the tender brisket and the friendly service.

Scratch Kitchen and Taproom

  • Cuisine: American, Gastropub
  • Review Highlights: Scratch Kitchen is recognized for its craft cocktails and creative takes on American gastropub fare. The ambiance and the quality of the food receive high praise from patrons.

These restaurants are not only some of the best in Cary but also reflect the diverse culinary landscape of the area.


Riggsbee Farm is conveniently located near several shopping options. Park West Village shopping center is a popular destination, featuring a variety of stores, restaurants, and a movie theater.

Crossroads Plaza is another great option, offering a range of stores, restaurants, and a Target.

Residents can easily access these shopping centers for their everyday needs and leisure activities.

Commute Times and Transportation

As a real estate expert with a deep understanding of the Cary area, including the Riggsbee Farm community, I'm well-versed in the nuances of local commute times and the best routes to take to key destinations in the region.

Here's a breakdown of the distances, commute times, and ideal routes from Riggsbee Farm:

RDU Airport

  • Distance: Approximately 8-10 miles
  • Commute Time: 15-20 minutes
  • Ideal Route: Take NC-540 W and exit at Aviation Parkway or take I-40 W if coming from the southern part of the zip code.

Downtown Wake Forest

  • Distance: Around 25-30 miles
  • Commute Time: 35-45 minutes
  • Ideal Route: Head north on NC-540 to Capital Blvd/US-1 N towards Wake Forest.

Downtown Durham

  • Distance: Roughly 17-20 miles
  • Commute Time: 20-30 minutes
  • Ideal Route: Take NC-55 W to I-40 W or NC-540 W to NC-147 S, depending on your specific starting point within the zip code.

Downtown Raleigh

  • Distance: About 12-15 miles
  • Commute Time: 20-25 minutes
  • Ideal Route: Take I-40 E towards Raleigh or use NC-540 E to access the eastern parts of Raleigh.

Downtown Cary

  • Distance: Approximately 4-6 miles
  • Commute Time: 10-15 minutes
  • Ideal Route: Use NC-55 or High House Road for direct access to downtown Cary.

RTP (Research Triangle Park)

  • Distance: Around 7-10 miles
  • Commute Time: 10-20 minutes
  • Ideal Route: Take NC-540 E to Davis Drive or I-40 E to the RTP exits, depending on traffic and your exact location in the 27519 area.

Keep in mind that these commute times can vary based on the time of day, traffic conditions, and ongoing road construction projects.

It's always a good idea to check real-time traffic updates before you head out to ensure the smoothest possible commute.

For those living in Riggsbee Farm or considering a move to the area, these commute times and routes highlight the community's convenient access to major employment hubs and attractions in the Triangle region.

Whether you're heading to work, catching a flight, or enjoying the cultural offerings of nearby Triangle areas.

Popular Neighboring Communities

Riggsbee Farm is surrounded by several other popular communities in Cary, providing residents with a diverse range of options.

MacGregor Downs, Dunhill, and Green Level Crossing are some of the neighboring communities that offer similar amenities and suburban lifestyles.

These communities present alternatives for those seeking a similar living experience in the area.

Final Thought From Tim

As a seasoned real estate agent with 17 years of experience and a Triangle resident for the past 30 years, I've seen firsthand the growth and development of our beautiful region.

My team and I have helped countless families find their dream homes in communities like Riggsbee Farm, and we're ready to do the same for you.

If you're considering buying in the community, my advice is to take your time and really get to know the area.

Visit the local parks, try out the restaurants, and take a stroll through the neighborhoods.

This will give you a feel for the community and help you decide if it's the right fit for you.

And remember, my team and I are here to guide you through every step of the process, from finding the perfect home to negotiating the best price.

Living in the community is a joy. With its convenient location, top-rated schools, and vibrant local scene, there's always something to do and see.

To make the most of your experience, I recommend getting involved in local events and organizations.

It's a great way to meet your neighbors and become a part of the community.

If you're thinking about selling, know that Riggsbee Farm homes are in high demand.

To ensure a smooth selling process, it's important to price your home correctly and present it in the best possible light.

My team and I can provide you with a comprehensive market analysis and professional staging advice to help you get top dollar for your home.

In all aspects of real estate, whether buying, living, or selling, trust in the expertise and integrity of the Tim M. Clarke Team.

We're committed to providing you with a pleasant and successful experience in the Riggsbee Farm community. Contact us today.

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