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March 22, 2023

Relocating to Raleigh NC? Here are 8 Ways to Start Over


Tim Clarke

Relocating to Raleigh NC? Here are 8 Ways to Start Over

Relocating to North Carolina (just like any new area) could be exciting and also scary.

Ahead are many new exciting things to experience and people to meet.

Whether you like it or not, you are in fact starting over.

This is exactly why you need a plan. Think about questions to ask when relocating for a job.

Here are 8 things to consider when relocating to another state 

Get a lay of the land. 

When I first start showings with transplant buyers, when they arrive, I just drive around the area.

We of course look at possible places to live but it is important to visit the various shops and other public places in the area. You can easily search for homes by looking up Zillow Raleigh or Zillow Raleigh NC.

Go online and search where essential services are located and check out the attractions you may want to visit. Also do a bit of research on the top restaurants in the area. 

Contact a full time real estate agent 

You will need help getting to know your new city.

What better person can help you other than an agent that lives and breathes that market.

Also, when you have an experienced real estate agent you can trust for guidance managing the logistics of your move a bit less stressful. 

Frequent to the establishments you like most

Once you arrive, don’t overwhelm yourself too soon.

Find the coffee/dining/nightlife spots you like most and make yourself a regular . 

Get to know the staff working there, talk to other regulars, and look for opportunities to build new relationships.

Before you know it, you'll be singing the Cheers theme song “you wanna be where everyone knows your name”. 

Don’t be timid. Be open to trying new things. 

It's easy to decline to try something new in an unfamiliar environment, but do your best to resist the temptation.

Be open to new opportunities to network with people, even if you’re invited to something that normally might not be "your thing."

Be intentional about making new friends

As an adult, making new friends could be challenging, but the most important step is to give the people of your new city an opportunity to get to know and experience you.

Whether you're establishing new relationships at work, at your new, regular hangout, or anywhere else in the city, be intentional about making new friends.

Don't Be Afraid to look like a Tourist

It may seem strange to act like a tourist in a place you now call home, but everybody starts as a fish out of water when moving to a new location.

Don't be hesitant about getting out and exploring, take in all of the local attractions, and search for hole-in-the-wall hidden gems just like you would on vacation.

Keep trying new things even after becoming comfortable in your new surroundings.

By exploring the community, building new relationships, being open-minded to trying new things, and learning along the way, your new city will eventually feel like home. 

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